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B2B Marketing Automation Needn't Be Expensive & Tough to Manage

MarketingLeo is a simple, easy-to-use B2B Marketing Automation platform with all the marketing tools you need to grow your Marketing, without the help of IT. It takes under 5 minutes to set up and prices start at only $49/month.

MarketingLeo is Built to Solve Unique B2B Marketing Challenges

Omnichannel Marketing Communications

True omnichannel B2B marketing platform which lets you communicate with customers via email, social media, push, sms and voice in real time.

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Reporting and Analytics

In Marketing what gets measured, gets improved. Stay on top of all important marketing metrics with our intuitive campaign analytics dashboard.

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Dynamic Lead Management

Segment leads dynamically in real-time based on lead behavior, demographics, lead score, pages visited, social graph and many other relevant factors.

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Create Marketing Assets

Build and manage dynamic web forms, email templates, pop-ups, push notifications with simple builder tools without the help of IT.

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Marketing Automation Workflows

Create simple or complex marketing automation workflows with our easy-to-use visual campaign builder. Interact with prospects and customers on multiple channels in real time with highly relevant messages based on their position in the funnel, demographics and other dynamic factors.

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Omnichannel Marketing Platform Built for the Omnichannel B2B World

Unlike the legacy products in the market we didn't evolve from redundant email blast systems. Our tech is built for the omnichannel B2B audience. Communicate with your customers on any channel and become an omnipresent B2B brand, customers love.


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