B2B Marketing Analytics

As a data-driven B2B marketer, you generate and analyze a lot of marketing data. You crunch data every day and use it to continuously improve your marketing campaigns. Instead, let MarketingLeo do all the grunt work and present actionable insights to help you make sense of all that data you collect. Use our actionable insights to:

Optimize conversions and improve RoI for your B2B business

Stay updated with customizable dashboards wherever you want

Track your customer journeys for better marketing outcomes

Share marketing insights with the Sales teams in real time

Actionable Insights for Marketing Superheroes

Get to know every single website visitor or customer, close and personal. Analyze their actions and figure out how they make their decisions. Communicate with them throughout the buyer’s journey with the right message on the right channel to improve customer engagement and offer them exactly what they want.

Map Your Customer’s Journey

MarketingLeo tracks your website visitors- anonymous or known and provides valuable insights into customer behavior, intent, and the probability of purchase. More power to you, dear marketer!

Powerful Marketing Attribution

Winning customers but can't attribute the source? You're not alone. An average B2B customer interacts with a brand 100s of times online before signing up. Get an accurate view of your omnichannel marketing with MarketingLeo.

A/B Tests

Conduct A/B tests to find out which option works best and more importantly which option your audience likes the most. Instead of deciding it yourself, let analytics work its magic and give you definitive answers.

Powerful Dashboards

With MarketingLeo, you can create customizable dashboards or use one of the inbuilt intuitive dashboards to always stay on top of important marketing metrics. Control your marketing campaigns like never before.

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