How to Explain MarTech to your Mom

If you are a marketing technologist like me, you would have probably spent half of your life trying to explain martech to your parents exactly what it is that you do. And with moms, it gets even complicated especially when your job involves anything that is concerned with technology. No matter how hard you try but she just wouldn’t get it.

Do not worry you are not alone. But what we all need to remember is that rather than explaining with mere words, it is always better if you could explain your work to your mom with everyday examples and rather show it to her than just talking. Today while shopping online I got a perfect way to explain Martech to my mom. With the changing times’ everyone is into online shopping and so are our moms. So let us see how we can use this to our advantage.

Online Shopping and Martech

You can explain Martech to your mom with a very simple example. Ask your mom has she ever searched for a particular purse online. I am sure there must be tons of purses that she has on her wishlist. Now ask her this, has she noticed that the same purse appears magically on any other social media platform that she has been using? I’m sure the answer would be yes! And here I just made your work simpler.

All you got to tell her that this is no magic but MarTech. The marketers are using visitor data to customize the customer experience. This is done to make things smarter and target their audiences with relevant content and convert them from prospects to buyers. With this statement, she will surely be surprised and a little impressed with you too.

When we talk about online shopping, there is one thing with which your mom will absolutely relate to. And most probably might be annoyed with  are push notifications. Irrespective of our will we all do receive push notifications when we are using certain applications on our phone. But no matter if everyone hates them, we as marketers know how much we love them. As targeted push notifications engage anonymous visitors and bring back lost users to your website/app again.

Listening to this your mom will definitely ask you, but how is the content sent of these  these push notifications so relevant to me? And there you get a chance again to explain Martech. You can explain how her browsing activities on the internet serve data to marketers who in turn use the data to send messages relevant to their customers.   

Implications of Martech in Everyday Life

Another thing our moms are these days totally into is online streaming channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and others. Ask your mom that if she is watching a particular genre on Netflix, the next time she visits Netflix do some suggestions with the same genre magically appears on her screen or not? Again, the answer would be yes!

Now it is your turn to explain. When you launch an app for the first time, the app asks you about your preferences and even learns about your preferences while you use the app. This hyper-personal customer experience is delivered with the help of advanced marketing technology.  

If your mom is on Twitter, I’m sure she must be following her favorite stars. Everyone gets excited knowing about the personal lives of the stars we idolize, and when we get daily updates about what he or she is doing currently or where he or she is vacationing, it just adds to his or her stardom.

Tell your mom that these stars to are using Martech tools to build their brand and fan following. They are using advanced social media tools to grow their fan base. And simply knowing about what her favorite actor is doing right now is his or her form of playing to the tunes of marketing technology.  

We seldom realize how Martech is  affecting our lives in small but effective ways. So, after reading this I am sure that it would be a piece of cake for you to explain Martech to your mom. So, hurry up what are you waiting for, go to your mom and enlighten her with some of your tech expertise and who knows you might just be rewarded with a sumptuous dinner.

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