Stereotypes About B2B Marketing That Aren’t Always True

b2b marketing

B2B marketing has always been the boring cousin of B2C marketing. Ages ago this fact might have been true. Now? This is just another stereotype. The problem with stereotypes is that they are not always false but mostly they don’t hold true these days. As a marketer, you need to realize what is true and what isn’t anymore. Not only does it help state the facts straight, it also lets you become a better marketer. You might be wondering how. Well, a lot of these stereotypes involve B2B marketing strategies and if you can start looking beyond these stereotypes, it will help you create better B2B marketing campaigns. The result? You will be closing more deals in just a matter of time!

So, let us take a look at some of the stereotypes that have riddled B2B marketing in this decade.

“Branding Is Not Necessary”

Branding is typically a B2C process. But, does that mean that your B2B business does not need it? If you just assumed you don’t need it, you are in for a ride.

Hence, you should take a moment to go through the process of B2B buying. Most B2B purchases are driven by logic and reason. It is based purely on numbers. So, how do you influence such purchase decisions? You do that by providing them with a long-lasting impression. And, the only way a business can leave a long-lasting impression is by creating an interactive brand experience.

This is why you need branding. Branding will provide your business with an identity. As a result, you will be able to show your audience that you are a brand that can be trusted.

“Social Media Is Not For B2B Businesses.”

And, once again we are faced with a stereotype that was once true. When social media was in a nascent state, it was just a platform for informal interaction. But, it has become much more than that in the last decade. It has become a bustling place for e-commerce and other businesses.

In fact, every single member of your audience is now part of social media. Not only are people using social media for personal purposes but a lot of businesses are using it to further their business goals and ambitions.

Businesses are taking to Twitter and Facebook, coming up with their own hashtags and making their brands popular. They are reaching out to their audience taking feedback and improving their products. A lot of them are creating social-media specific campaigns to generate more leads and target a specific audience. Social media is perhaps one of the most happening places when it comes to B2B marketing.

B2C marketers have benefited from social media marketing from the very beginning. But, now B2B is taking cues from B2C and blurring the lines by entering this coveted realm.  It is an entertaining marketing channel and it definitely helps spice things up when it comes to the typically “boring” nature of B2B marketing.

“There Is No Room For Creativity.”

Creativity does not always mean creating something that is weird and abstract. Creativity can be a great way to do things that no other business thought of and push yourself forward. It can become an easy way out when it comes to getting more leads and closing more deals. In fact, it might just become the factor that separates you from your competitors.

Creativity involves a little bit of thinking outside-the-box, a little guerilla marketing and a lot of experimenting. You will have to endure a process of trial-and-error but when you start achieving success, there will be nothing in your path to stop you. B2B businesses that are creative enough have gone on to become thought leaders in their industry.

“It’s About Businesses Not People.”

I understand. Since B2B is basically catering to businesses, how can it be about people, right? Well, that’s where this stereotype is wrong. Who runs these businesses? Answer: People.

Then, ultimately you are catering to people. The only difference between these people and consumers are that these people are experts in their field. So, you cannot feed them false information to sell a product. You need to be genuine and speak the truth. The entire process of decision making depends on these people and not on a non-living entity like the business. So, emotions are involved. The sooner you understand this, the better off you will be.


As a marketer, you will listen to more myths than truths. It is up to you what you want to believe. But, if you ask me, you should keep your ears open and listen to everything with a pinch of salt. At the end of the day, you should be the one who decides what is true and what is false. Don’t let others tell you about what is true. All these stereotypes and myths are for yours to break.

b2b marketing

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