Visual Campaign Builder for Omnichannel B2B Marketing

Build multichannel marketing campaigns for the entire customer lifecycle from a powerful visual campaign builder. Easy to use drag-n-drop features to personalize and automate multichannel communication easily.

Build marketing campaigns that reflect your unique lead nurturing and customer engagement processes. Always stay in control of your campaigns with our automated marketing campaign builder which can make decisions on its own.



Dynamic Lead Segmentation

No two leads are the same. Your leads are in various stages of the sales cycle and need unique personalized triggers to move further down the marketing funnel.

MarketingLeo dynamically moves leads between segments based on their behavior and relevant triggers, automatically and in real-time. Dynamic lead segmentation is your secret sauce to making your campaigns highly relevant to the audience.

Scheduled or One-time Campaigns

Whether you’re looking to turn the cold leads into hot leads or a trial signup to a customer, the visual campaign builder has all the tools needed to deliver one-off or scheduled campaigns.

Run campaigns for lead nurturing, customer onboarding, re-engagement, user action or inaction triggered campaigns or even one-off campaigns.



Identify Opportunities & Close Deals Faster

Identify and segregate contacts based on their behavior, interaction, and other relevant triggers which directly impact their buying probability. Focus on closing hot leads, while the cold leads are nurtured further and readied for a sales interaction.


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