Finally a CRM for Marketers

Integrate your complex sales CRMs with MarketingLeo or use our free-to-use inbuilt CRM to

Turn every interaction into a one-on-one conversation

Increase customer engagement by 1-to-1 personalisation

Boost customer loyalty and repeat purchases

Segment customers by their value, activity and engagement levels

Get the most out of leads and upsell to customers


Finally a super-light CRM built specifically for sales teams. Say good bye to your legacy sales CRMs and use MarketingLeo's free to use inbuilt CRM.


Personalized Communication

Improve conversion rates by creating communication strategies that revolve around your customer. Ensure a superior experience for customers so that they stay loyal to your brand.


Customer Intelligence Engine

Customer intelligence engine is the brain of MarketingLeo. All user information including behavioral activity and signups are compiled here.


Collect information

Collect important information about anonymous visitors, registered users and customers

Analyze data

Analyze user behavior on your marketing channels and predict future actions and trends

Deliver personalization

Segregate contacts into lists dynamically based on their interactions and behavior

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