Omnichannel Marketing Cloud for eCommerce

Easy to use eCommerce marketing automation solution for online stores of all sizes. MarketingLeo helps marketers convert anonymous shoppers to customers, upsell to existing customers and convert cart abondonments to successful orders.

Dynamic Email Newsletters

Send dynamic, personalized newsletters, transactional and promotional emails with dynamic product images and offers.

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Web Push Notifications

Bring lost customers back to your online store with customized web push notifications delivered to their browser.

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Website Personalization

Create personalized banners, popups, for unique customer experience, offers and dynamic product recommendations.

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Product Recommendation

Show customers the relevant product images and offers on email, social media, retargeting ads and website pop ups.

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eCommerce Analytics

Dive deeper into eCommerce analytics with our extensive reports to discover key insights that will help you grow your business.

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eCommerce CRM

Profile, segment and run campaigns for your visitors, prospects and customers based on attributes relevant to your online store.

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